#1 Larry Bill wrote (Link)
Posted on Wednesday, October 5. 2016
Hi Thomas, I just stumbled across your comments. I am a new sufferer of tinnitus and it has been very traumatic for me. I am 55 years old and was wondering if you feel age related tinnitus can be nullified as similar to your experience? I appreciate your thoughts.
#1.1 Thomas wrote (Link)
Posted on Thursday, October 6. 2016
Hi Larry, Whether the condition is age related or not (which in many cases in not clear cut at all), there is always a good chance that it can improve. But you have to be patient. For most people it takes several months at least before there is a noticeable improvement. And for this you have do your own bit as well, by learning what influences improve and what worsen the condition. Many people for instance find that reducing or stopping caffeine and alcohol consumption significantly reduces the level of the tinnitus. Also reducing salt and spices in your food might help. And in order to support the normal nervous functions of your brain (after all, tinnitus is a nervous disorder), you might want to take a Vitamin B12 supplement as well. But these are just pointers in the right direction. The tinnitus can be so different from person to person, that you can only find out yourself what's the best for you. This obviously takes some time and experience. In the meanwhile, just take it from day to day and try to cope with it as best as you can. It will eventually get better, and even it does not disappear completely, it will be at a level that it doesn't present a problem anymore. Thomas
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